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Three Reasons Why You Should Vape Your Hemp

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Many countries demonized cannabis sativa for its cannabinoid substances. The public used to misunderstand the plant as a powerful and harmful psychotropic drug to the user’s mind. The plant was even put under the same category as meth and cocaine, which are two deadly narcotics that have no benefits whatsoever.

Nevertheless, scientists have always struggled to share the truth with the public. As a result, we now know that cannabinoids are not entirely psychotropic and have some healing properties. And to administer the marijuana, we have two options, which are to either smoke or vape it. In this article, we will focus on the benefits of vaping cannabis.

Practical and Economical

e-cig on displayVaping uses a device called vaporizer. Instead of producing the smoke by burning ground substances, vaping vaporizes liquid extract. Smoking joints may seem like a cheap alternative to use marijuana, but it is a disposable method that produces waste and requires you to make new rolls everytime you want to smoke.

Vaping, on the other hand, may be costly at first, yet it is more economical compared to smoking. You can smoke a cartridge for 200 puffs on average. If you pick a bigger size, you can get approximately 400 puffs before you need a refill. Empty vape cartridges are also easy to find on the online market. Usually, you need to replace the cartridge after one or two years of usage.

Highly Adjustable

tincture bottlesThe primary disadvantage about smoking joints is that you cannot adjust the dose. Sometimes, you want to smoke only to alleviate your anxiety. If you lit a joint, the effect will be too strong, and you may end up high and unable to perform any tasks. With a vape, however, you can always bring it as a personal treat in case of depression and anxiety.

Besides, the best thing about vape juice is that you can get a mix of your favorite flavors. Instead of inhaling pure cannabis juice, you can combine it with tobacco and even some other flavorings like banana, blueberry, bubble gum, etc.

Healthier Than Smoking

Since vaping does not require any process of burning, it will not expose your lungs to harmful chemicals such as carbon monoxide, acetone, lead, arsenic, ammonia, tar, butane, and formaldehyde. If you vape ground hemp, you are less likely to get cancer than if you smoke them as a blunt.

Moreover, commercial cigarettes are rarely pure tobaccos. They have additives on the filters, which can further the damaging impacts of smoking. Cannabis extracts, on the other hand, are purely cannabinoids. Depending on the brands you choose, you can get either a THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) or CBD (Cannabidiol) juice. You have more options when you vape cannabis instead of smoking it.…