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Considerations When Designing Employee Engagement Surveys

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When the time comes for all-hands annual employee survey and you are charged with the asking the employees how the company is doing, putting together a set of survey questions is intuitive. There are some key things you, however, need to consider to maximize the interpretive value of the data. Here are some considerations for designing an employee engagement survey.


survey questionnaireThe most popular scale used nowadays is the Likert-type scale which has 5-point response options ranging from Strongly Disagree to Strongly Agree. Extensive research on the reliability of 5-, 7-, and 9-point scales has shown consistently that the 5- and 7-point scales are more valid than the 9-and 10-point scales. Choosing the right number of scale-points will make your survey effective.

Keep the Questions Simple

Always ensure that you use a language that your audience will understand. This will ensure that your questions are understood by most of the employees to help get the most out of the survey.

Keep it Short

When formulating employee engagement surveys, ensure you use as few words as possible for every question by omitting words that are unnecessary. This will help to minimize comprehension time as well as misinterpretations.

Actionable and specific

One objective of surveys is creating action plans designed to address the identified issues. Survey questions can facilitate the process by being both actionable and specific for instance, I have received sufficient training to perform my duties effectively.

Open-Ended Qualitative Questions

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Such questions provide helpful insight into some of the identified issues through the quantitative portion of the survey. Because of the time involved for analysis, these need to be limited to one or two. Additionally, since the responses to the questions are generally voluntary, they tend to be anecdotal and less reliable than quantitative data. Therefore you have to be careful not to give these more weight that they deserve.

Avoid Double-Barreled Questions

Whereas most people know this, some people still design surveys with double-barreled questions. Survey questions need to address one topic at a time. This will help to avoid confusion during the analysis of the survey.

There are many challenging things which confront today’s HR professional that creating employee engagement surveys. But, it is easy to create a survey which provides little or no insight into how employees feel about the organization. Whereas these points admittedly do not capture the myriad of issues which can arise, they need to provide a starting point for people who are new employee survey.…