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How to Choose the Best Trolling Motor for Your Kayak

Are you tired of paddling your kayak? Do you want a trick that most fishers use to achieve their purposes? You need the best trolling motor for your kayak. However, there are several models and makes on the market. The following tips can help you choose the right trolling motor.

Mounting Location

girl on a kayakTrolling motors can be classified into two. You can put it on the bow or transom of the boat. It is a good idea to transom mount because it will fit easily and it can be operated while sitting. Steering is quite difficult for the beginners, but you can set it if you adjust. However, if your boat is large, you should bow mount the motor. Some motors have high-tech features such as auto-pilot and wireless control. You should note that such advanced features come at a cost.

Kayak Size

To know the amount of thrust and battery power required by a trolling motor, you should analyze your kayak. In fact, trolling motors come in three different ratings – 12, 24, and 36V. This ensures that they can suit different requirements.

Loading Capacity

kayakingThe loading capacity of your kayak is quite important as it determines the amount of thrust required. If your capacity is over 1500 pounds, then you need a minimum of 30 pounds thrust. It is a good idea to get a thrust of at least 80 pounds for large kayaks. For instance, if you are going on a trip or a family fun time, you should get a kayak with a minimum of 100 pounds thrust. There are online resources that provide vital information about loading capacity, weight, and size that can help you make the right decision.

Water Type

You should take into account the type of water in your area. Is it saltwater or freshwater? Saltwater is known to provide a rigorous environment for fishing since the accessories corrode. Thus, your motor should be made of anti-rusting material and have lubrication. You need to know the salt levels of the water you like fishing.

Purchasing a trolling motor that is designed for operating in the salt waters is necessary as it will increase its efficiency and offer you the best output. This will also make it durable and long-lasting. With a good trolling motor you can enjoy fishing anywhere you want.…