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Ways to use social media for business

Given that almost a third of the world population is on one social media platform or the other, no business can take the power of social network lightly. Perhaps that is why most businesses communicate with their customers via social media today. Social media networks are very useful to business in the modern computer and internet world. Here are a few ways to use social media for business

Role of social media in business

1. Introduce and advertise your products

4356uthrgewPeople are on social networks to socialize. They may not be there to buy goods and services. Therefore, as you open a business page on a certain social media network, your main aim should be to interact with people- those who are your customers and those who are not. Once you have had a huge following or people are already aware of your brand, you can then start talking about your products. Most social media platforms have several features for businesses that want to advertise their products. You can take advantage of these features and make your products known worldwide.

2. Drive traffic to the business website or blog

On top of advertising products, social media is also one of the most widely used traffic generation strategies today. Online businesses with active social media pages tend to have high Search Engine Optimization rankings which translate into high traffic on their sites and consequently high sales volumes. These businesses link their websites to various social media platforms. This way, their fans on various social media pages can be directed to the official website at the click of a mouse. Website visitors from social media platforms can easily be converted into customers of the business because they are already aware of it.

3. Offer customer care

As a business grows, it becomes more difficult to offer customer care to all customers via phone or direct conversation. In this case, social media platforms come in handy. That is why we have seen an increase in the number of businesses using social media networks to reply to customer queries. A business can easily create a good rapport with its customers on its official social media page. Customers will feel free to ask their questions and seek clarifications where necessary on this page. Other customers with the same problems will just need to read the conversations of previous customers and get the answers to their queries.

4. Offer after-sales-services

Apart from customer care services, businesses can also use social media networks to provide after-sales services to its customers. Product demos are some of the after-sales services that can be offered to customers on social media networks. A customer care representative can chat with a customer and take him/her through the demonstration or installation of a certain product. This is made easy by the fact that many social media platforms allow sending of text, audio, and video messages.45tyjghfgerw

5. Review the business and its products

Businesses also encourage their customers to rate their services on social media platforms. This is one way of giving new customers an idea of what to expect from the business. Apart from rating the business as a whole, customers can also review a certain product by the business. It can start off as a user of the product seeking a certain clarification. Other users of the same product can them put together their views and their experiences with the product. The product is reviewed. This a cheap way of reviewing business products.…