Ways to use social media for business

Given that almost a third of the world population is on one social media platform or the other, no business can take the power of social network lightly. Perhaps that is why most businesses communicate with their customers via social media today. Social media networks are very useful to business in the modern computer and internet world. Here are a few ways to use social media for business

Role of social media in business

1. Introduce and advertise your products

4356uthrgewPeople are on social networks to socialize. They may not be there to buy goods and services. Therefore, as you open a business page on a certain social media network, your main aim should be to interact with people- those who are your customers and those who are not. Once you have had a huge following or people are already aware of your brand, you can then start talking about your products. Most social media platforms have several features for businesses that want to advertise their products. You can take advantage of these features and make your products known worldwide.

2. Drive traffic to the business website or blog

On top of advertising products, social media is also one of the most widely used traffic generation strategies today. Online businesses with active social media pages tend to have high Search Engine Optimization rankings which translate into high traffic on their sites and consequently high sales volumes. These businesses link their websites to various social media platforms. This way, their fans on various social media pages can be directed to the official website at the click of a mouse. Website visitors from social media platforms can easily be converted into customers of the business because they are already aware of it.

3. Offer customer care

As a business grows, it becomes more difficult to offer customer care to all customers via phone or direct conversation. In this case, social media platforms come in handy. That is why we have seen an increase in the number of businesses using social media networks to reply to customer queries. A business can easily create a good rapport with its customers on its official social media page. Customers will feel free to ask their questions and seek clarifications where necessary on this page. Other customers with the same problems will just need to read the conversations of previous customers and get the answers to their queries.

4. Offer after-sales-services

Apart from customer care services, businesses can also use social media networks to provide after-sales services to its customers. Product demos are some of the after-sales services that can be offered to customers on social media networks. A customer care representative can chat with a customer and take him/her through the demonstration or installation of a certain product. This is made easy by the fact that many social media platforms allow sending of text, audio, and video messages.45tyjghfgerw

5. Review the business and its products

Businesses also encourage their customers to rate their services on social media platforms. This is one way of giving new customers an idea of what to expect from the business. Apart from rating the business as a whole, customers can also review a certain product by the business. It can start off as a user of the product seeking a certain clarification. Other users of the same product can them put together their views and their experiences with the product. The product is reviewed. This a cheap way of reviewing business products.…


How much sleep do you need

The amount of sleep every adult should get on a daily basis is a debate on its own. Research indicates that a 7-8 hour sleep is important for a healthy body, but the question is, is this amount enough for most of us? Do we need more or less than that? Has science proven the impact of more sleep/less sleep in an individual? We are not sure about that, and it is a question still awaiting answers. So, if more sleep does not affect us, then less sleep shouldn’t be either, bringing us to the same question, how much sleep do you need? How much is enough for each of us? In this article, we think that sleep should, however, be determined by the following factors.e546yukhghfgf

How much hours of sleep you need

Should depend on your day to day habits

Had a long day? Then a good night’s sleep will help relax your brain keeping it alert and fit for the next day ahead. However, a day spent lazing around doing almost nothing should not make it a must for a quality sleep. A 6 -7-hour sleep will still do in this case since your brain has been relaxing for the better part of the day. A good night’s sleep affects brain health and since your brain or body has not been overworked, then an hour less than the recommended is still OK. A lack of sleep in two or three consecutive night’s is bad for your health but an hour less or more depending on how busy or working out you are each night should have no impact on your health or life.

Should depend on age

Younger kids need a good night’s sleep to help in the growth of their bodies and brain. In fact, kids more sleep than the recommended 7-8 hours each night. That is why afternoon naps in kids are very important. In older people, a good sleep impacts less on their already matured brain but only helps in keeping the psychological side of their brain healthy as far as their health is concerned. This is because as we grow older, life issues, stress and other responsibilities of life become hectic and the only remedy is a little sleep depending on the preference of an individual. Kids need more sleep for growth, but adults need it as a way to get a break from ‘being awake.’ We sometimes need to ‘shut ourselves’ out of the world for a while.

Should depend on your occupation

56yukhghfrgeSleep should vary depending on the occupation of an individual. We are different, and our jobs impact our mental health and physical health differently. In fact, the energy used is different. Classifying a banker, a grocery owner, a manager, a storekeeper, a dog walker, a yoga teacher and a construction worker as people who are equal is just not right. An individual working in a high impact physically or mentally demanding job is more likely to sleep more than someone who uses less mental energy or physical energy. An hour less or more depending on the kind of job you are doing is not a guarantee that your health will be affected in any way.

As you can see, the amount of sleep needed by each solely depends on the individual, not science or any research. Scientists can be right, but your body knows more on the amount of rest it needs. So, trust your body and sleep according to what ‘feels right’ to your body. Extending more or reducing a little bit has no impact whatsoever on anyone’s life. Your body knows best and will choose what is right at the moment either more or less sleep depending on your day.…


U.S. Troop Care Package

“ABOUT US” – “U.S. Troop Care Package” was founded on March 19, 2003, the beginning of the Iraq war and relies 100% upon volunteers, donations, and financial contributions from the community to send Care Packages to our U.S. Troops. “U.S. Troop Care Package” has recently become a Washington State Non-Profit Corporation and is in the process of filing as a 501-C3.
“SHOPPING LIST” – A suggested list of Personal Care and Food Items that “U.S. Troop Care Package” sends to our troops as well as needed Miscellaneous Items for mailing and for Special Projects.

“SUBMIT TROOP” – “U.S. Troop Care Package” would like to have the name(s) and overseas addresses of deployed troops to send Care Packages. This is a secure site and the pertinent information can be easily submitted on this form.

“CALENDAR” – A three month calendar of events with our current focus being on “Operation Comfort,” which is a volunteer effort to make and send pillows and neck coolers to our troops and “Project Walter Reed”, “Project Balad” and “Project Ali Al Salem, Kuwait” that are special projects to send Care Packages to injured soldiers.

“MESSAGES” – Comments from our troops who have received a “U.S. Troop Care Package” and comments from our generous donors and supporters.

“VOLUNTEERS” – “U.S. Troop Care Package” relies upon volunteers to assist in every aspect of our organization and which activities are defined in detail. “U.S. Troop Care Package” NEEDS YOUR HELP!

“DONATIONS” – “U.S. Troop Care Package” is a volunteer organization that relies upon the community for donated items and financial contributions to send Care Packages to our troops deployed overseas. Financial contributions are used for postage, wrapping materials, and related incidentals. FINANCIAL CONTRIBUTIONS ARE NEEDED FOR POSTAGE.

“CURRENT NEWS” – “U.S. Troop Care Package” is committed to supporting our U.S. Troops. This site contains information relevant to our troops and our organization.

“CONTACT US” – How to contact “U.S. Troop Care Package”.

“LINKS” – The businesses listed have supported “U.S. Troop Care Package” and we would urge your support of them. Other Links shown are sites of interest.…